Passing the Presidential Torch

As the school year comes to a close, Senior Class President (SCP) Parker Ragle is passing the torch to the new SCP for the class of 2016: Julius Hubby.

“I definitely see a lot of leadership qualities in Julius that I saw in Parker,” junior Benny Rubanov said. Rubanov is the 2014-2015 Junior Class President (JCP) meaning that he has plenty of leadership experience, including the ability to pick a fellow good leader out of a crowd. Rubanov is not the only leader of the wolfpack who believes that Hubby has what it takes to be president. Ragle also thinks that Hubby is capable of the job, and he has plenty of advice as well.

“I advise him to not to get too stressed, delegate as many responsibilities as he can to people who are able and to always do the best he can throughout the year even with senioritis and college apps” Ragle said.

Hubby ran for SCP because he wanted to make a difference at West. He had also previously taken note of the leadership qualities that he exhibited in group situations.

“In normal everyday group projects in school I found myself stepping up as a leader,” Hubby said. “What I learned from this was that the way to work well is communication.”

Mastering the art of communication will be key for Hubby because being a leader entails a great deal of correspondence.

“It’s really important to act as a bridge between Student Congress and the student body and administration,” Rubanov said. “Making sure that you’re really open to suggestions and listening to others is super important.”

Even though his presidency does not technically start for a few months, Hubby already has plans for the school next year.

“I have a lot of big things in the works,” Hubby said. “I really do plan on improving how school spirit weeks are broadcasted throughout West and getting more people involved to get school spirit riled up. Also I plan on helping communication with teachers and students.”

Fortunately, Hubby is able to look to Ragle as an example.

“Parker has definitely been a big help since he is a close friend of mine as well,” Hubby said. “Seeing the way he takes lead of the school and especially seeing his school spirit at games motivated me to be better even when I wasn’t thinking about being Senior Class President.”

With Ragle as his example and the backing of the soon-to-be senior class, Hubby will promptly undertake the massive responsibility of being the SCP at one of the largest public high schools in the country.

“In order to be a good Senior Class President I think you need to be a team player, have determination, and responsibility,” Ragle said. “You have to put responsibility on yourself because no one is telling you what to do and I think Julius will do that. He’ll know what to do and the steps he needs to take”