Brody Verner, Stephen F. Austin


Brody Verner, senior, may just be the perfect role model for demonstrating that “where there’s a will there’s a way.” 

Verner, unlike most collegiate leveled athletes, only began playing Varsity football in his senior year. Yet the late start did not discourage Verner, rather he became even more determined in the goal and provocative in the college recruitment process, ultimately signing with Stephen F Austin State University.

“Being late to the game meant that I knew that I had to capitalize on my opportunity,” said Verner. 

He further expressed his gratitude for unconditional support along the way. 

“I would like to thank my parents for always taking time out of their day to better my future,” said Verner. “Even when my mom was really tired, she still took me to early morning lifts and after-school practices.” 

As a proud Wolf Pack athlete, Verner always felt like a family with the football team and continues to carry that relationship as he goes on to Stephen F. Austin. Verner cherishes his family-like connections with his coaches and peers. 

“Watching Coach Tap try to catch punts with the whole team watching. It just made me feel the love and connection that I had with all of my teammates,” said Verner. “It was also this culture and the bond at SFA that I had with the Coaching staff that ultimately helped with my decision.”

Besides playing football in college, Verner plans to major in business while continuing working towards his next goal in his football career.

“I am planning to play in the National Football League after my college career,” said Verner, “I know that if I put the time and effort in, and have a great relationship with the Lord, I have a chance to make it.” 

As Verner leaves the Blue Nation, he wishes that his story serves as an inspiration for prospective high school athletes and shows how to make the impossible possible. 

“I want to be remembered at West as a hard worker that underclassmen can look up to,” said Verner. “I just want athletes to know that if you put your head down and work, no matter your circumstances, you can live your future goals.”