BSU Hosting a Black History Month Celebration


Black Student Union will be holding a West Cluster Black History Month celebration on Friday, February 24th. The event is a continuation of BSU’s goal of promoting black culture and creating an inclusive, accepting atmosphere for community growth.

“We’re gonna have Jasper and Shepton’s BSUs come together here so we can all celebrate together,” junior and officer William Shepard said. “We’ll have games, food, speakers and it’ll be really fun.”

One of the speakers is a black graduate from Harvard, and would like to motivate the African American community to reach new heights in education.

“I’m excited to go and celebrate our community [at the event],” senior Dillon Smith said. “The club has been really great for connecting with the black community, and it’s super inclusive and welcoming.”

After Smith joined the club, he brought his friend Ifedayo Soriyan so they could hang out with their friends and “celebrate black culture.”

“I’m happy that through the club, our friends who aren’t black can come to the club and understand us and why we celebrate black culture,” Soriyan said.