Was Enola Holmes 2 Better Than The First?


While sequels often disappoint, Enola Holmes 2 definitely did not. The whimsical mystery movie was just as good, maybe even better than the first. It takes its audience on a mystery rollercoaster of clues, revelations, and action that are actually based on the true story of women’s rights activist, Sarah Chapman.

The movie follows Enola (Millie Bobbie Brown) as she opens up a new detective firm, only to be constantly overshadowed by her brother, Sherlock (Henry Cavill). However, she eventually takes a case for a child, Bessie (Serrana Su-Ling Bliss) who is looking for her “sister,” Sarah (Hannah Dodd). 

One area that drew some controversial attention was the amount of time Enola spent speaking to “the camera” or the audience. However, this actually brought more suspense to the action and the mystery as a whole. 


The director, Harry Bradbeer, even started the film with an action scene, followed promptly by a camera “talk” with the audience. This drew the audience into the story as a whole, as a “hook” of sorts. 

Additionally, Henry Cavill (Sherlock) got a much bigger role in the story, as he and Enola were more partners in the crime-solving process than the first movie. 

This collaboration helped establish Enola more as a detective than a younger sister, and definitely added to the feminism theme depicted through her mother, Eudoria (Helena Bonham Carter), and the Match-Stick Strike that Sarah Chapman organized.

Lastly, the movie follows Enola learning how to balance her own happiness with her career as she navigates her relationship with Lord Tewksbury (Louis Partridge). She learns that she can be independent, but also seek help from friends and family that wish her the best.


The movie as a whole was well-acted and the plot was highly engaging, even more so than the first Enola Holmes. Bradbeer had sure to include elements of action and adventure, while keeping the mystery at a family movie level, closing out one of the most watched-films on Netflix in the fall.