October Film Releases

Don’t Worry Darling

Don’t Worry Darling premiered in late September and debuted #1 in its US Box Office opening weekend. The film follows Jack, played by Harry Styles, and Alice, played by Florence Pugh, inside the Victory Project, an experimental community mirroring a 1950s utopia.

In Victory, the women enjoy luxury, beauty, and the simplicity found in managing their house while their husbands work at an undisclosed facility outside community borders. This idyllic lifestyle starts to split at the seams when Alice Chambers uncovers disturbing information about Victory, leading her to question what’s going on behind closed doors.

This psychological thriller features many other notable actors, including Chris Pine, Gemma Chan, Kiki Layne, Nick Kroll and Olivia Wilde, who also directed the film. This is Wilde’s second directorial release, following the 2019 release of Booksmart and her first partnership with Warner Bros.

Hocus Pocus 2

The Sanderson sisters are back in Salem with the release of Hocus Pocus 2 on September 30. The original film, Hocus Pocus, celebrates 29 years since its release this fall.

Hocus Pocus 2 follows a group of high school students who accidentally bring the Sanderson sisters: Winifred, Sarah and Mary, back to Salem looking for revenge. The evil trio wreaks havoc in town, and the group of teens has to find a way to stop them.

Sarah Jessica Parker, Bette Midler and Kathy Najimy return as the Sanderson sisters, with newcomers Lillia Buckingham, Whitney Peak and Froy Gutierrez completing the cast. The film is available to watch on Disney+.

Halloween Ends

After twelve franchise films, Halloween Ends, releasing October 14, looks to complete the Halloween saga.

Michael Myers hasn’t been seen since his last killing streak four years ago. Laurie Strode and the rest of the town are just getting their lives back to normal and away from paranoia when a child murder disrupts the peace. Laurie is forced to confront the evil and kill Myers once and for all.

Forty-four years after the cult-classic release of Halloween, Jamie Lee Curtis returns as Laurie Strode, James Jude Courtney takes on Michael Myers, and Will Patton  plays Deputy Frank Hawkins. 

My Policeman

Based on the 2012 romance novel by Bethan Roberts, My Policeman hits theaters October 22 and Amazon Prime on November 4. 

In the 1950s and along the Brighton coast, Tom Burgess marries Marion Taylor, a young school teacher. As their marriage develops, Tom struggles with his sexuality and career as a policeman in a time when homosexuality is illegal. This leads him to an affair with a museum curator, Patrick Hazelwood, that could destroy everything.

My Policeman features many notable cast members like Emma Corrin, David Dawson and Harry Styles. After a premiere at the TIFFS Tribute Awards, the film received the TIFF Tribute Actors Award.


Amsterdam, directed by David O. Russell, hits theaters on October 7 as a new true crime comedy.

The film follows three friends: Burt, Valerie and Harold, who are falsely accused of murder in the 1930s after being caught at the crime scene. On the adventure to clear their names, the trio races around New York, meeting interesting friends, and running from authorities.

Amsterdam falls under the true crime genre, with an R rating. The cast features star-studded names like Anya Taylor-Joy, Rami Malek, Chris Rock, Taylor Swift and Robert De Niro, making it a highly anticipated film in Hollywood.