Q&A With the 2022-2023 Senior Class President


With the end of the 2021-2022 school year approaching rapidly, elected officer positions for next year have been up for grabs. Current Student Council member Anna Norris campaigned and won the Senior Class President election, advocating for the voices of the student population.

Anna Norris has been an avid participant in the Plano West community, procuring the idea of running for SCP by observing current SCP, Ava Dawson.

“It’s truly inspiring to see what the possibilities are,” Norris said, “I loved the idea of being able to obtain such a tremendous task to serve the students on campus at a higher level.”

The campaign for SCP elections ran for over a week. Norris ran her campaign actively using an Instagram account (vote_4anna) as a form of promotion. Norris, along with the two other candidates, used social media as a way to raise awareness of the election. She reached out to many people via DM’s or requests from her election account to follow other students.

“The most challenging part about campaigning was…messaging people…even if I didn’t really know them. Many people you message may only have had small encounters with you. While that is true and was a challenge, it was also my favorite part of campaigning because I was definitely given the opportunity to go out of my comfort zone and interact with people,” Norris said.

Norris believes that making an impact at school was a two way street, explaining that her first goal as SCP was to find small ways to connect with her peers.

“I would love to gain their trust so they hopefully feel comfortable reaching out to me and expressing what they feel like needs to be done around campus…” said Norris. “I want to ensure that the voice of each student gets heard.” 

Long term goals, although difficult to establish because of the brief time spent in the position, are important to Norris. Her focus is on sustainability of practices that previous SCP’s have influenced.

“The President’s Council (a meeting held by club officers and officials) has played an important role in school events this year, and it is a resource that I hope to grow with my help,” Norris said. “Also, making sure we have an amazing Prom and get the chance to celebrate our success as a class of being able to graduate in the best way possible.” 

Norris wanted to thank her classmates for their support throughout the election process.

“I know it’s simple, but there really are no words to describe how much being given this opportunity and seeing the support of my peers in this process has meant to me,” Norris said. “I want everyone to know that they can always reach out to me. One of the many things this process has taught me is how important each individual student is to the success of our collective student body.”