Brad Bailey Brings Change to Plano West


When Brad Bailey left Plano Academy High school, students were so distraught at the loss of their beloved teacher they started a petition to bring him back. Students left bounds of passionate messages announcing their devotion to Mr. Bailey’s teaching. 

“I would hate to know that new Titans wouldn’t be able to listen to Mr. Bailey’s great stories and be able to see the dedication he has towards education,” wrote one student. 

“I may not have him anymore in my school, but I want all the new students to hear his wonderfully awesome stories. Mr. Bailey is living the life where he knows he is a legend,” wrote another. 

This year Mr.Bailey kicked off his first year at Plano West as Associate Principal for Curriculum and Instruction, where he continued his passion for fostering student engagement. 

“I have fun at work every day, and hilarious stuff happens constantly…At Vines, I literally saved a student’s life on accident when I cracked a joke. At the Academy, students that donated money got to duct tape me to a wall 4 feet off the ground. At Jasper, I “misplaced” my keys for a couple of hours, and somehow 300 fake cockroaches appeared in every room of the building,” said Mr.Bailey. 

While Mr.Bailey certainly finds joy in his job, he takes on incredible amounts of responsibility as he works to best serve the staff and students of Plano West. 

“I help provide a layer of support for teachers and assistant principals with anything to do with teaching, classroom content, and grading. One huge responsibility I have is to oversee the master schedule. Each of the 2,600 students at West select 7 classes for each semester. I take those 37,000-course requests and try to figure out a way to layout our 175 teachers’ schedules so that students can take the classes they want,” said Mr. Bailey. 

Taking on these monumental responsibilities was inspired by Mr. Bailey’s experience helping a young student recover from illness with academic support. 

“When I met Cody, he was pale, thin, shy, and terrified. He cried when he showed me his latest math quiz with a red 7 on it. I developed a relationship with Cody and slowly started working with him on math concepts. After a few weeks, Cody was progressing socially, emotionally, physically, and academically. Within a few months, Cody was virile, bold, energetic, and acing math. I played a very small part in Cody’s transformation, but it was the most rewarding thing I had done in my life.”

Mr.Bailey continued to experience how rewarding education can be as a former teacher at Vines highschool and Plano ISD academy.

“It is fun because it’s 9th graders and students come to you as middle schoolers that are aren’t quite human yet, and I got to teach them how to be humans and how to think critically….Another topic I had fun with was the concept of cultural diffusion. I taught students that cultural diffusion is kind of like a fart spreading through a room. When you are close to it, it is really potent, and you know exactly what it is and where it came from.”

While Mr.Bailey certainly loves shaping young minds, he acknowledges the challenges that come with being responsible for guiding students through the world. 

Working in education is incredibly challenging. There is no one right way to do the job and the stakes are really high if we mess up. That creates incredible pressure.”

For Mr.Bailey, having countless hobbies certainly helps alleviate the pressures of working in education. 

“I am a serial hobbyist. I get deep into something for a while and then move to something else and then come back to old hobbies…Most of my hobbies have taken a back seat to chasing my two sons (Everett-6 and almost Ford-4) and taking care of my new daughter (Quinn-7 months) with my wife, Bri.”

Mr. Bailey’s first year at Plano West has been wrought with positive change, and we can’t wait to see what he will continue to bring to West in the coming years.