Brandon Pedro, Houston Baptist University


Driven by both academic and athletic interests, Men’s soccer player Brandon Pedro recently signed with Houston Baptist University on February 3rd, 2022.  

He was drawn to the diversity of the school, saying that seeing so many people from different parts of the world was truly something beautiful, and a good learning opportunity.

“It had all the things I wanted,” said Pedro. “My major in Business and the sport that I want to carry on throughout my college life.”

Pedro started running and kicking the soccer ball when he was just 2 years old, being the first one in his family to take up the sport. 

“Somehow I was a natural,” said Pedro. “I believe that God gifted me with this sport because he chose me.”

Pedro believes that soccer has taught him a lot about discipline and work ethic since he had to work extremely hard to be where he is.

“I may be the shortest and slowest, so I have to work a lot more than the other players to be ahead of them,” said Pedro. “Discipline has taught me about just doing the right things no matter what my emotional state is.”

Besides athletics, Pedro hopes to pursue his major and open up a clothing and sports entertainment business. 

“I want to make my own company, and be the one in charge,” said Pedro.