Bowie Neal, Hendrix College


Men’s soccer player Bowie Neal recently signed with Hendrix College on February 3rd, 2022. He is excited to go back to his former state, California, where the college is located.

“It’s a smaller school which I prefer because I’m from Ben Lomond, a small town in California,” said Neal. “The campus is very beautiful and has great academics.”

Neal said that it’s harder for him to learn in big environments where he can’t feel engaged or ask questions, so Hendrix was the perfect place for him to grow academically and also as a soccer player.

“I’ve been playing soccer almost my whole life,” said Neal. “I picked up the sport when I was around 5 and just kept playing.”

Neal believes that the most important lesson soccer has taught him is the value of dedication and teamwork.

“[In soccer] it’s important to work together and trust your teammates,” said Neal. “Soccer is a team sport that requires chemistry to be successful.”

Beside soccer, Neal isn’t sure what he wants to pursue in college, but he is interested in business economics and related majors.