Hudson Heikkinen, University of Texas


Cross Country and Track runner Hudson Heikkinen recently signed with the University of Texas on February 3rd, 2022, due to the school’s mix of high-level academics and athletics.

Obviously a variety of reasons played a role in my final decision, but I’d say the most influential factor that really solidified my commitment was the team and training environment,” said Heikkinen. “Both the cross country and track programs are among the best in the nation, something I plan on exceeding.”

Heikinnen first got involved in cross country the summer before his freshman year, where he realized he had potential to become a leader in the sport. 

“My four years on the cross country team have taught me invaluable lessons that transfer over to all aspects of my life,” said Heikkinen. “Some of the many lessons I’ve learned are the value of failure, don’t set limitations, setting big goals, the unnoticed grind always pays off.”

He is excited to continue his cross country and track career at University of Texas, and hopes to pursue a business-related major as well.