Affirmative Action: Discrimination

Avery Klatsky, Staff Writer

Affirmative action is discriminatory; plain and simple. It is illogical that people get accepted in public colleges based off of factors such as race or ethnicity, as opposed to grades and academic achievements. All legal American citizens are equal under the laws of the United States. As a result, we should all be treated accordingly. The objective of the civil rights movement was to fight for racial equality, not to favor a specific race over another. Society must realize that no specific skin color, no specific ethnicity and no specific group in our free nation is more deserving than another.

John Rosenberg’s article on Aug. 2, 2010 depicts a 2009 Princeton University study done by sociologists Thomas Espenshade and Alexandria Walton Radford. The study measures how race and ethnicity impact college admissions by analyzing previous SAT scores. They found that African Americans received a “bonus” of 310 points, Hispanics got a bonus of 130 points, Whites got no bonus. Asian Americans actually got their score deducted by 140 points. To have equal chances of gaining admission as an African American student with an SAT score of 1100, a Hispanic student, with equally matched background characteristics, would have to score a 1230, a White student would have to get a 1410, and an Asian student would need to get a 1550. These biased bonuses and deductions were based simply on race and nothing more. When something is done based only off the basis of skin color, that is textbook racism.

It used to be that grades, essays and test scores would determine whether one did or did not get into universities. Now, however, publicly funded institutions of higher education are valuing applicants not just on their grades or test scores, but on race as well. Minority groups are favored in consideration to college simply because they are the member of a specific racial group.

On Aug. 1 of this year, the Department of Justice (DOJ) announced that it will investigate and begin to sue public universities whose admission processes are suspected of discriminating White and Asian applicants, according to the New York Times. Hopefully affirmative action will be repealed so that college applicants of all races and ethnicities have a fair and equal shot of receiving admission into our nation’s public universities.

Diversity should be present, and people of diverse ethnic or racial groups should be at public colleges. Diversity should be kept by analyzing grades, resumes, and test scores of the applicants. The majority of people are not arguing against diversity; diversity is a beneficial aspect to college, and allows for numerous ideologies and perspectives to be represented. There should be a variety of races, ethnicities, religions, and especially opinions at our nation’s universities. However, diversity, under no circumstance, should be forced in publicly-funded institutions of higher education, and students should be judged by academic standards, not racial or ethnic standards.

Affirmative action and racially biased acceptance programs at public universities should be eliminated immediately. College applicants should be judged by their academic standards to get into college, not their genetically born differences.