Ethan Fang, University of California Berkeley

Ethan Fang, University of California Berkeley

On Wednesday November 9th, Ethan Fang, senior golfer, signed with U.C Berkeley. 

“We have a good recruit class,” said Fang when asked about what stood out about the program he joined.

Fang started playing golf at 6 years old. It’s been a long journey to get where he is now.

“I’d like to thank Coach Cravens for supporting me all these years and helping me out,” said Fang.

Throughout his high school years, Fang went through challenges that he had to overcome.

“I had to overcome a few back injuries,” said Fang.  He took a moment to talk about his memories at West.  “When the team won Regionals,” said Fang, when asked about his favorite memory at Plano West.

“A Golfer” said Fang, when asked what he would like to be remembered for at Plano West. 

He is planning to major in business at U.C Berkeley.