Brooke Hilton, Texas A & M University-Commerce

Softball catcher, Brooke Hilton, signed with Texas A & M University-Commerce on Wednesday, November 9.

Hilton began playing softball when she was 9 years old and has played ever since. Initially, she was very nervous about the recruitment process and found it difficult to stay positive.

“The biggest challenge I’ve faced is struggling with the recruitment process,” said Hilton. “I didn’t get a lot of responses at first, and it was hard to stay positive. Eventually, I met the TAMUC coaches, and I immediately knew that I wanted to play for them.”

Reflecting on her journey, Hilton recognizes the support system that has accompanied her all throughout her softball career.

“I’d like to thank my coaches for pushing me to work hard, and I’d especially like to thank my mom for always encouraging and supporting me. She has been at every game, and she goes out of her way to make my high school experience the best it can be,” said Hilton.

The familial environment that is made from sports teams are just as impactful in the growth of the player. Hilton won’t ever forget those that have made her playing time even more enjoyable.

“My favorite memory is from freshman year when my best friend, Adayah, and I hit home runs in the same game. We were cheered on by our teammates, and we knew right then that we were a part of a great program,” said Hilton.

Hilton admires the new coaches that she has the pleasure of being trained and coached by. Her excitement to learn techniques grows as the beginning of her softball college career gets closer.

“I can’t wait to join a program that has coaches with such impressive backgrounds,” said Hilton. “The head coach, Coach Miller, pitched at the University of Iowa and coached at Texas Tech. The assistant coach, Coach Bustos, is a two time Olympic gold medalist and holds the Olympic record for RBIs and home runs. I’m super excited to learn so much from these amazing coaches.”

While softball will always be an important part of Hilton’s future, she doesn’t fail to acknowledge the importance that education has to her.

“I hope to be remembered as a hard working student and softball player. I think it’s super important because at the end of the day my education is what’s most important to me,” said Hilton.