Update on Girl’s Varsity Basketball


This year the Plano West Varsity Girls Basketball team has been struggling with a tough season, but still persists in hope for their future games.

Even with COVID-19 still going around, it hasn’t been a problem for the girl’s varsity basketball team. Despite their conditions, they still pulled through as a strong unit. “The team is doing well and we haven’t had people from our team get COVID,” said Jade Sanders, a junior on the girl’s basketball varsity team at Plano West.

The difference between JV and varsity is the pace. “Varsity is a higher level and JV is a bit lower. Varsity is also more competitive than JV,” said Sanders. Dealing with both harsh conditions, due to the outbreak, and having a more competitive pace compared to JV, makes these girls accomplishments much more impressive. 

Aside from COVID-19, “This season has been pretty great. We’ve had a lot of roller-coasters but it’s been good so far,” said Sanders.

So far the girl’s varsity team has won 3 out of 7 games.On January 18th, West won against Lewisville with a score of 49-46, and Hebron with a score of 63-49. Ten days later on, January 28th, Plano West won the league challenge against Marcus with a score of 66-53. 

Even though the varsity team has had a rough start to this season, they are still trying their best to make it to the playoffs. “This year we plan on making it to the playoffs. We practice a lot. And have early morning workouts,” said Sanders.

With all the early morning workouts and practices that come with basketball, the team has gotten closer than ever. “Basketball has brought me closer to a lot of people I probably wouldn’t have expected,” said Sanders. 

The Plano West Varsity Girls Basketball team is impressive and skilled to say the least. They’ve won games left and right and overcome challenges hurled at them. With their strong connection they’ve weaved with one another which makes their team standout and stand against their opponents much easier. People can’t wait to see what these girls have left to offer.