Paxton Huff, Baseball, University of Dallas


Paxton Huff, Mens baseball player, signed with the University of Dallas on Feb. 3rd, 2022.

Huff kick-started his baseball career at a very young age, playing frequently on the Wii. Throughout his childhood, Huff played baseball any chance that he could, and after spending years on the team, he was ready to commit to baseball, and the University of Dallas seemed like the best fit for him.

“Immediately when I came on campus, everyone was so warm and welcoming. It truly felt like a tight community and a family-oriented environment.” Huff said.

Huff explained that he felt that the University of Dallas was the ideal school for him to further his future education, and plans to pursue business.

“I’ve wanted to go into business for as long as I can remember. I also get to play the sport I love while staying relatively close to home.” Huff said.

Reflecting on his many years of playing baseball, Huff highlighted valuable traits he’s gained from the sport, specifically trust.

“It [baseball] has taught me to trust my teammates/classmates. It’s shown that in order to make something truly work, all the moving parts have to fall into place, and this cannot be done alone.” Huff said.