Kevin Rude, Baseball, Ottowa University

As soon as Rude connected with Ottowa University, he immediately knew it was the school he wanted to continue his baseball career with.


“The coach reached out to me asked me to come on a visit and check out the campus, I really liked the atmosphere and what they have to offer,” said Rude. 


What stood out to Rude most is how much Ottowa University cared for its athletes. 


“They really focus on getting their athletes to the next level and really focus on where their athletes want to go and put them in the best situation to achieve it,” said Rude


From a young age, sports have always been an important part of Rudes’s life, but Baseball quickly became his most cherished sport. 


“I just wanted to play sports as a young kid so I played several and really liked baseball the most,” said Rude. 


For Rude, Baseball wasn’t always easy, but it’s the challenges that taught him valuable lessons on how to overcome life’s difficulties. 


“Baseball has taught me to have a good work ethic and to realize not everything is going to be easy to achieve,” said Rude.


Beyond baseball, Rude is uncertain where his future will take him, but looks forward to a career in business. 


“I just really hope to get a degree in business and see where it takes me because, to be honest, I don’t know what I want to do yet and I know it will change later on,” said Rude.


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