Abby-Lee Sanogo, Soccer, United States Air Force Academy


Abby-Lee Sanogo, Women’s soccer player, signed with the United States Air Force Academy on Feb. 3rd, 2022. Sanogo was drawn toward the prestigious academics and environment.

Sanogo started her soccer career at just 3 years old, following in her father’s footsteps.

“My dad was an avid soccer player in his younger days and because of that soccer was the first sport my siblings and I played. I fell in love with the sport and over the years just became more serious about my future with soccer. My dad has been a push factor since the beginning and was the original reason for me playing soccer.” Sanogo said.

After playing all throughout her childhood, Sanogo was ready to fully commit to soccer, and the United States Air Force Academy offered her exactly what she was looking for.

“It is the perfect school for me because when I am on base I simply feel at home. The campus is gorgeous, the students are hard-working and friendly, and the staff on base is caring. I feel like I am surrounded by people with the same mindset and same ambition as me.” Sanogo said.

Sanogo explained that upon stepping onto the Academy campus, she automatically felt it was the perfect place for her to further her future education.

“At the Air force academy I will be immersed in a military lifestyle and my plan is to Major in Management and Minor in French. Post-college and after my service, I would like to have a career in business and marketing.” Sanogo said.

Reflecting on her years of playing soccer, Sanogo highlights valuable traits she’s gained from the sport.

“I believe that the most important lesson soccer has taught me is that the only thing in this world you can control is your effort. Efforts can overcome any obstacles whether it’s hard conversations, workouts, or challenges. Effort in any sense is the basis of success for anything including soccer and life.” Sanogo said.