Return to Basketball

After a year and a half of virtual learning, life is starting to get back to normal. Students can attend school in person, enjoy off-campus lunches, and most importantly, return to extracurricular activities. For Tre Fields, a senior on the varsity basketball team, that means returning back to basketball.

Fields is excited to make memories and enjoy his last year at Plano West with his team. Fields said that “basketball last year was different due to all the rules that came with COVID-19.”

Even though COVID-19 had many precautions, that did not affect Fields and his team’s friendship. 

“Basketball has helped my teammates become extremely close because we spend so much time together,” said Fields. 

According to Fields, “Athletes on the basketball team prepare for upcoming games by conditioning a lot to ensure they can play at their full potential.” Fields has played on the varsity basketball team for the last two years. In his sophomore year, he also played JV basketball and has noticed that the difference between JV and varsity is the game’s pace.

 “Varsity is just a lot faster, with way bigger players.” said Fields. 

An advantage of playing basketball is the opportunity it gives athletes, especially for students like Fields who plan to continue playing basketball in the future. Not only can it help get them to get full scholarships in college but it can also help them grow as people and create strong bonds with their teammates.

“Basketball has impacted my life forever. It has given me opportunities and lifelong best friends.” said Fields.