Regan Thompson, Soccer, Harding University


Alyssa Royston, Writer

Women’s Soccer player Regan Thompson signed with Harding University on November 10th, 2021. Thompson was drawn towards Harding for their values.

“[Harding University] felt like home the minute I stepped onto the campus.” Thompson said.

Thompson explained that she started playing soccer at just 5 years old, and continued to compete all throughout her school years.

“My mom enrolled me in soccer because I had a lot of energy all the time. She thought running around and playing soccer would be the perfect way to get that energy out.” Thompson said

Thompson has gained a lot of insight through soccer, one of the most important lessons being cherishing the time you get doing something you love.

“If there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s to always give 100% effort in everything you do, because it flies by.” Thompson said

Women’s soccer coach Jackyln Kerestine highlighted Thompson’s natural born leadership skills.

“Regan is a natural leader, hard worker, and fantastic teammate. These are all characteristics that make a coach want to clone their athlete and make a whole team out of them.” Coach Kerestine said.

Kerestine also called attention to Thompson’s heart and integrity.

“She [Thompson] is always doing the right things and working hard even when nobody is looking or asking. She is always cheering on her teammates in their smallest victories up to their biggest and she wants the best for everyone no matter the case. She shows us these characteristics every day at practice.” Kerestine said.

At Harding University, Thompson plans to pursue a career in nursing, specifically Orthopedics. Thompson aims to find a balance between her two passions.

“I am planning on using most of my free time to focus on studying to major in nursing. I know [balancing both academics and soccer] will be a challenge, but I also know that I can do it.” Thompson said.