Olivia Kochan, Golf, Marshall University


Hadia Khatri, Staff Writer

Women’s golf player Olivia Kochan recently signed with Marshall University on Nov. 10th, 2021, drawn to the university’s support community, golf team, and cultural atmosphere.

“I really like the coach and team [at Marshall University], which was high on my list.” Kochan said. “The campus is pretty and easy to get around. Also, it’s near downtown Huntington where there are live concerts throughout the week.”

Kochan describes her journey to becoming a varsity golf player wasn’t easy. She actually had been a figure skater until she quit at age seven.

“After I decided to quit figure skating, my mom met a Starbucks barista that was working on getting his PGA card,” Kochan said. “She got him to give me my first lesson.”

Kochan’s dad, who played golf in college, helped her from there, along with her coach at Brookhaven Country Club, and Coach Cravens at Plano West.

“The most challenging aspect of golf for me in the past 2 years was going through the ups and downs of golf and dealing with my mental game while on the course,” Kochan said.

Throughout her training, Kochan learned that as long she was patient, her time would come.

“I don’t know exactly what I want to study at Marshall,” Kochan admits. “But I want to do something involving golf.”