Matt Comegys, Golf, Texas Tech University


Hadia Khatri, Staff Writer

Golf player Matt Comegys recently signed with Texas Tech University on Nov. 10th. The university is in the nation’s top ten for golf, so he’s excited to play for them.

“I loved the coaches, and the practice facilities are great,” said Comegys. “Also, the university fits me because I would rather be in a quiet town than in a busy city.”

Golf has been a part of Comegys’ life for a majority of his life. 

“My dad introduced me to the game when I was a toddler. I started playing competitively when I was 7,” Comegys said.

Comegys believes that the most important lesson golf has taught him is patience and trust. 

“I have hit many roadblocks,” said Comegys. “It’s learning how to overcome those roadblocks and better yourself [to become a better player].”

His hardest challenge is balancing time. “Trying to make my grades as well as put enough time into golf is a very difficult task,” said Comegys. 

Comegys hopes to use his experience playing golf at Texas Tech as a stepping stone onto something much bigger. 

“I aspire to play on the PGA Tour once I graduate from college,” Comegys said.