Aisha Polk, Soccer, Wake Forest University


Alyssa Royston, Writer

Aisha Polk, Women’s soccer player, signed with Wake Forest University on Nov. 10th, 2021.

Polk started her soccer career at just 3 years old. After playing all throughout her childhood, Polk was ready to fully commit to soccer, and Wake Forest University offered her exactly what she was looking for.

“I chose Wake Forest because their soccer program/facilities are very good.” Polk said.

Polk explained that upon stepping onto the Wake Forest campus, she automatically felt it was the perfect place for her to further her future education.

“My plans outside of college are to do something that involves the medical field.” Polk said.

Reflecting on her years of playing soccer, Polk highlights valuable traits she’s gained from the sport.

“Having composure is the most important thing I’ve learned from soccer.” Polk said.

According to Women’s soccer coach Jackyln Kerestine, Polk’s competitive spirit, drive, and love for the game has contributed massively to her success.

“I see these characteristics every day [from Polk]. Anything she does she wants to be the best at. She is constantly asking questions about the nitty gritty of the game plan and wants to learn more to be better. Those are the things that you cannot teach athletes.” Kerestine says.