Jayden Louis-Pierce, Track and Field, University of Arizona


Meron Mesfin, Staff Writer

Jayden Louis-Charles, a senior, has signed with University of Arizona for Track and Field.

Louis-Charles has been running since he was eight years old. In his sophomore year, he was recruited for Triple Jump and Long Jump. 

Because of the pandemic’s effects on spring sports in 2020, “Not being able to compete took a huge toll on athletes.” said Louis- Charles.

“I’m very excited about this track season, not only for me but for my teammates as well. We have a great group here at West that has lots of potential, so I’m excited to have my last high school track season with this group of amazing people.” said Louis-Charles.

Coach Carter, the Track coach at the University of Arizona, has produced many athletes through his years of coaching, which inspired Louis-Charles to choose this university. 

“I chose Arizona because I had an amazing time on my visit. The team atmosphere was amazing.” said Louis-Charles.

Louis-Charles was not only concerned about getting accepted into Arizona, but he also had to maintain a solid GPA. 

“Just as I have to perform on the track, I have to perform off the track as well to even be eligible to compete.” said Louis-Charles.

His success really kicked off when he started training with Coach Kenny Roseman. Roseman has produced many high school talents with the most honorable athletes like, Jasmine Moore who attended the University of Georgia and competed in the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games. 

Louis-Charles’ bond with Roseman “is something very unique and strong.”

He said, “Another bond I’ve created being new to Plano West was Coach Fairchild.” 

Even though Coach Fairchild wasn’t there for Louis-Charles’ entire high school campaign, he and Louis-Charles have built a coach and athlete relationship. 

“He believes in me so much on and off the track and I honestly couldn’t be more thankful for my support system.” said Louis-Charles.

Louis-Charles credits his family for his success.  He would not have been able to be in the position he is now. 

“They have been with me from the start. Staying all day in heat or cold for track meets, paying to fly across the country to compete with the best athletes. Everything I have done, would not have been possible without them and God. So I am beyond blessed.” said Louis-Charles. 

Jayden, in his short time here, has set a school record for the triple jump of 50 ft.