Bowling Season Ends With Success

Gabby Pippins

Sports are beginning to wind down a bit, and bowling has had one of their best and most interesting seasons yet. The girls’ team made it to state and the individual boys placed first overall. Although the girls did not win, their overall bond grew.

“I bonded with my team by cheering them on during each shot and created a competitive atmosphere,” junior bowler Kari Beyer said. “We also sometimes played UNO before we started match play.”

They also got to relax and have fun although they did not place, bringing them even closer together.

“I joined bowling because I already had a close friend on the team, and as the season went on I became friends with the other girls,” senior bowler Elizabeth Secor said. “At the competition, by our third round, we knew we would not place and just started having fun. Cheering each other on loudly and laughing off mistakes was a really nice way to finish off the season instead of being disappointed over losing. Even though we lost, I was just excited to have made it to state with my team and was happy we ended up just enjoying our time playing.”

For the guys, however, they took home first place and they give their success to working together and helping each other out.

“The biggest contribution was the teamwork and the communication by each of us giving advice on how to do better,” junior bowler Tyler Soerens said.

When asked if the bowlers would have changed anything a second time around, some mentioned practicing more.

“I would have gotten private lessons sooner in the season to help raise my average,” Beyer said. “I also would have practiced at least one more day a week.”

Others would not change a thing themselves but rather the location.

“While I know this would not have been something I could change, I really wish the tournament had been at a different bowling alley,” Secor said. “The team next to us at the start had their bowl return keep breaking! Meaning a worker had to stay there and keep manually getting the ball out of the return. Then my own team hit a stroke of bad luck, and our lane started sparking when the pin cycle went down! We were given a new lane except that one kept breaking as well (though thankfully, no more almost electrical fires started). I think if we had not been so put off by the bad lanes, the team would have done loads better.”

For the guys, most of them would have given it a bit more practice but nothing drastic.

“I would have done just a little more practice but other than that I felt more than prepared,” Soerens said.

Comparing this season to others may be a bit tricky as this was most of the bowlers’ first time competing, but compassion shined in this competition year more than any other.

“I have not competitively bowled before,” Beyer said, “but my dad was head coach for a couple years before I joined. This season we had more bowlers who cared than any other season.”

For a few, however, they regret not joining earlier as they would have had another season to reflect back on.

“For something I could have changed, I would have joined the team in previous years!” Secor said. “It was a great experience, and I am really glad I was able to enjoy a new activity during my senior year, especially with COVID causing quite a different school year.”

The same goes for the guys in terms of this season having more care and fun.

“This season was probably the best so far because I had great teammates who knew how to have fun and were fun to be around,” Soerens said.

Many bowlers are looking to the future and plan to bowl again.

“I plan to bowl next year for Plano West and then go on to bowl for Dallas Baptist University in Fall 2022,” Beyer said.

Although seniors may be out of luck for another year, most plan on playing in their free time.

“I hope to bowl in my free time at college next year!” Secor said. “I know I am not quite good enough to join a college-level team, but going with friends sounds nice! Another option is joining a mid-level bowling league if I can find one. I already have my own shoes and ball, so I will just have to see what options I have. I will definitely look for some!”

Most of the guys plan on continuing their fun bowling journey.

“I will continue to bowl next year because it is a fun sport/hobby and you meet interesting people,” Soerens said, “I will also continue to bowl with the school and outside of school in leagues for fun.”