The Student Newspaper of Plano West Senior High School

Maddie Friedmann, Soccer, Nicholls State

For most high school athletes, there is one common goal: play your best and hardest and as a result, get recruited to a college. For senior soccer player Maddie Friedmann, that dream was realized with her offer from Nicholls State, and it being the perfect fit. 


“I feel that I can grow tremendously at Nicholls State as a person and a player,” Friedmann said. “Nicholls State will give me time, opportunity, and tools to recover from surgery and come better than ever.”


It was not just what the school offered her, but more than that as well led her to choose Nicholls State.


“The environment of the college and the soccer coach,” Friedmann said. “She took a chance on me knowing that I was going to get surgery just months before preseason for college soccer.”


Friedmann got involved with soccer at a young age.


“When I was four, my parents signed me up for a rec league,” Friedmann said. “Since then, it has   been a huge part of who I am.” 


Soccer being a part of her life taught Friendmann valuable life lessons, including that you can do anything you set your mind to, and nothing is given that is earned. She also learned valuable lessons from the recruiting process.


“What the recruiting process had taught me is that everything happens for a reason,” Friedmann said. “Be patient because what is meant for you will come for you.