Elyssa Ducret, Tennis, University of Texas at Dallas

Elyssa Ducret, a tennis player on the West tennis team, officially signed with the University of Texas at Dallas (UTD) this past month on Feb. 3.

“UTD is a continuation of the qualities, standards and personal qualities I have here at Plano West,” Ducret said. “These qualities lead to further success for the team and individuals.”

When asked why she decided to attend UTD out of all the places she could have gone, Ducret confidently shares about the advantages of the different opportunities that the school will bring not only in tennis but also in academics.

“UTD’s high standard academic programs, accessibility to the growing Japanese business community, and the personal qualities of the UTD Tennis coach and team,” Ducret said. “At UTD I get to explore the wide range of opportunities ahead of me.”

Ducret has been playing tennis ever since a casual lesson with a friend piqued her curiosity in the sport and started to compete in 2017.

“Tennis requires an adjustable mentality [and] it helps me break out my perfectionist mentality,” Ducret said. “This led me to understand that in life I should have a more open mind and approach problems with an adjustable mentality.”

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