The Student Newspaper of Plano West Senior High School

Arjun Kersten, Tennis, United States Air Force Academy

Arjun Kersten, a tennis player on the West tennis team, officially signed with United States Air Force Academy this past month on Feb. 3.

“I will be attending the United States Air Force Academy,” Kersten said. “I chose this school because it is one of the most prestigious universities globally, both in academics and athletics.”

Although Kersten is dedicated to playing tennis, he is also committed to have a career in the military.

“Outside of tennis, I really want to become a fighter pilot,” Kersten said. “The United States Air Force Academy is the perfect school for me because it allows me to further my education and compete at a D1 level in a sport I love while serving my country.”

Tennis is a sport that has been a common sight within the Kersten household, with him and his brother following the footsteps of his parents.

“I first got involved in tennis at the age of 3,” Kersten said. “Both my parents were tennis coaches and started teaching me and my brother at a very young age.”

Kersten has been with the sport for as long as he could remember and shares what tennis has personally taught him over the years.

“The most important lesson tennis has taught me is that if you want something in life then you need to go and get it, not just wait for it to happen or just let it come to you,” Kersten said. “You need to be proactive in all aspects of your life to achieve greatness.”