The Student Newspaper of Plano West Senior High School

Tagen Jamison, Wrestling, University of Minnesota

Tagen Jamison signed with the University of Minnesota for wrestling. University of Minnesota is a college that both Tagen and Plano West wrestling coach, coach Goodloe, saw him going to. 

“Tagen was destined for division one. Minnesota is the perfect place for him,” Goodloe said. “They have an incredible wrestling history with fantastic coaches, facilities, and athletes.”

Jamison was honored to get a requirement from University of Minnesota and feels similar to Goodloe.

“Getting an offer from them was very exciting and a major accomplishment. The program at Minnesota was a perfect fit for me because it is a top 10 program,” Jamison said.  “It was something I had been working towards since I can remember. The wrestlers and coaches at Minnesota are awesome guys and will make you feel at home!”

Jamison has wrestled since he was little and his reasons for loving the sport including thinking it is the toughest sport out there.

“It [wrestling] challenges you mentally and physically. It will test you in every way possible, that’s what makes it my favorite sport,” Jamison said. “Wrestling will make you a better and tougher person all around… in all aspects of life.” 

Jamison, besides winning a national title, has plans to earn his undergraduate degree or bachelor’s degree in law and then continue on to law school. Goodloe had his own advice on how Jamison could accomplish all his goals in college. 

“My advice for an athlete that is going division one is to stay focused. There are tons of distractions and freedom in college but the most important thing is developing in your sport and making great grades,” Goodloe said. “Anything outside of that is keeping you from goal. Get plenty of sleep, eat well, drink lots of water, lift and listen to your coaches.”