The Student Newspaper of Plano West Senior High School

Cynthia Ng, Softball, UT Permian Basin

Cynthia Nyga signed with UT Permian Basin (UTPB) for softball. Nyga believes that everything she has learned through softball has had a significant impact on who she is and how she lives her life, and that is what makes it her favorite sport.

“I am able to use and learn a lot of skills playing with a team. Softball is known to be a game of failure, which has allowed me to work on getting back up after making a mistake,” Nyga said. “I feel like softball has helped me build my character as a leader, team player, communicator, and hard worker. Additionally, a huge part of playing softball was learning time management with my outside life.”

Nyga felt feelings of relief and being blessed after being offered a position at UTPB for several reasons.

 “I have played softball since I was little, and I realized that all of my hard work had paid off,” Nyga said. “I achieved my goal of playing in college and was extremely grateful that this opportunity was available for me.”

Softball was not the only thing that made UTPB the perfect fit; school size and more also contributed. 

“I wanted to travel a little while away from home to experience something new, and I absolutely loved the energy and atmosphere of UTPB,” Nyga said. “I never wanted to go to a huge school, and knowing the class sizes are smaller is very appealing to me. Additionally, I loved the hospitality of the school, along with the amazing coaches and future teammates!”

Nyga also has plans for her future education at UTPB. These include earning her major in English and minor in teaching.

“I want to be able to eventually get my masters/maybe doctorate so I can become a professor,” Nyga said. “I want to make an impact on students’ lives the way my teachers have done for me!”