Ashley Le, Volleyball, University of Virginia

Ashley Le just signed with the University of Virginia, and she explained to us her exact feelings when they reached out to her.

“When UVA first contacted me, it was such a great feeling, especially because they made it very 

blunt about how much they would appreciate it to have me, so I was grateful to have a college want me so badly,” Le said.

Le then tells us her main emotion throughout the process.

“I was very excited to be given the opportunity and know at least some part of my future at a young age,” Le said.

Ashley Le talked about how volleyball is connected to her friends and life.

“Volleyball has given me such a great opportunity and has given me all my best friends,” Le said. “So I guess I love it for giving me the people in my life and for it shaping me into the person I am today.”

Lastly, Le says why she chose volleyball as well as her position.

“I chose to be a setter at a young age because I knew my height would have been a disadvantage if I tried continuing to be a hitter. I would like to think it was the right decision to make.”


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