Ariel Schachter, Softball, Rhodes College

Ariel Schachter just signed with Rhodes College in Memphis, TN, for softball. She has played softball since she was young after trying a slew of different sports.

“When I was younger, my parents signed me up for every sport they could find. Eventually, they told me I had to pick one,” Schachter said. “There was something about softball that I just fell in love with, even as a little kid.” 

Schachter views softball as the thing that lets her escape from the world. 

“No matter what is going on in my life, I can always go hit or go throw, and it instantly brings me joy,” Schachter said. “Softball has 100% made me into the person I am today, and without it, I would be a completely different person.”

After years of hard work and time put into softball, Schachter felt blessed after receiving an offer from the person who will be her college coach, Luke Wagner. 

“Most people don’t realize how exhausting the recruiting process is. They just see the benefits of it. But it really proved to me that all of my hard work was for something,” Schachter said. “All of the hours I had spent in the cages, on the field, and in the weight room meant something.”

Schachter is one of six 2021 graduates who were given the opportunity to sign with Rhodes College. An opportunity that Schachter counts herself lucky to receive and something that feels incredible. However, softball is not the only reason Schachter chose Rhodes College. 

“I signed to Rhodes College, and I could not be happier. It is far from home (which was really important to me), and it is a really prestigious school,” Schachter said. “Once I went on my visit, and Coach Wagner showed me around, I knew that Rhodes gave me a feeling of home. Rhodes is a place that I can see myself living for four years.”

Her college plans extend out past just playing for the softball team. However, they are still based around the sport she loves. 

“I plan to go to Rhodes and Major in education plus a Minor in psychology. Then after that, I plan to go to grad school and get a master’s degree in exercise science,” Schachter said. “While being a graduate assistant for that school’s softball team. After that, I hope to coach college softball and one day win a women’s college World Series.”