Sophie Fields, Lacrosse, University of Cincinnati

Sophie Fields, a lacrosse player for the PWSH Varsity Girls Lacrosse, signed with the University of Cincinnati this past month on Nov. 11.

“I love lacrosse because it provides an outlet to all the stresses in life,” Fields said. “It is a competitive and aggressive sport that pushes me further as an athlete and as a person every single practice or game.”

Having learned many great things while growing up playing the sport, Field shares that she is thankful for the experience she has had.

“I have grown as a person significantly due to my coaches and my teammates who help me to keep my head up and persevere past the obstacles I have hit in life and in lacrosse,” Fields said. “I have played lacrosse since first grade and have visited many colleges since I began my lacrosse career.”

Although some athletes might have a hard time picking from the offers that they get, the choice was as clear as day for Fields.

“The University of Cincinnati was always my dream school,” Fields said. “The campus is beautiful, the athletics are competitive, and it is a pretty large school, which is something I was looking for in a college.”

Getting an offer from her dream school meant a lot to Fields, as not only did it mean she could continue playing lacrosse, it also gave her an opportunity to study and major in something she has always wanted.

“When I was offered not only a position on the Cincinnati women’s lacrosse team, but an athletic scholarship, I was ecstatic,” Fields said. “I knew it was the perfect fit for me, especially because of their strong biology program.”

Fields chose the school for their strong lacrosse team, but also since the University of Cincinnati provided her the chance at being part of a well known program in the major of her choice.

“After my 4 years at Cincinnati, it is my dream to go to vet school to eventually become a veterinarian,” Fields said.