Lily Hargrove, Girls Soccer, Stephen F Austin State University

Lily Hargrove, a soccer player for the PWSH Varsity Girls Soccer, signed with Stephen F Austin State University this past month on Nov. 11.

“Soccer is my favorite sport because whenever I get on the field, whatever I am dealing with just goes away,” Hargrove said. “I do not worry about anything but the game in hand so it is kind of like therapy in a sense.”

Hargrove claims that another part she loves is getting to know her teammates and having them as best friends for years on, something that will continue to be true as she continues soccer at SFASU.

“When I was offered my scholarship I had such a feeling of pride over me,” Hargrove said. “Everything I had worked so hard for was finally coming together and it was a burden off my shoulders.”

Although the campus and coaching staff were a big part in her decision, another part that sealed the deal was the bond that Hargrove instantly made with the other girls who will soon attend SFASU.

“When I was on my official visit, I clicked with the girls so well,” Hargrove said. “They were super inclusive and so sweet to me. They looked like they all genuinely liked being around each other and made college feel so fun.”

Other than her focus on soccer, Hargrove shared her passion for helping other athletes, as she hopes to study something relating to the field.

“I do not fully know what I want to do yet but I love human anatomy,” Hargrove said. “I hope to go into something that has to do with physical therapy or working with athletes and injury.”

Jackie Kerestine, the head girl’s soccer coach, knows that Hargrove will excel in anything she chooses to study and offers her advice on her future as a bright athlete.

“The advice I would give my athletes as they go off to college is to enjoy the process,” Kerestine said. “It is going to be tough at times and you’re going to want to quit at one point or another but keep pushing.”

Kerestine shares that the college experience is full of new hardships and learning, but it is those moments that with time becomes precious memories.

“You will think back when you are older and wish you could do it all over again,” Kerestine said. “Trust me because I wish that all the time.”