Plano West Wolves versus Coppell Cowboys


Gabby Pippins, Writer

The Halloween football game versus the Coppell Cowboys was one to remember with twists and turns everywhere. 


Although it was a game, the first half had the action. In the first quarter, the Wolves kicker Jesse Velez made a field goal and the Cowboys scored a touchdown along with the extra point, making the score 3-7.


The second quarter had a touchdown thrown by the Wolves Quarterback Charlie Johnson plus the extra point kicked by Velez, making the score 10-7. The Cowboys then responded by scoring a touchdown and the extra point, changing the score to 10-14. Reese Gunby (DB/WR) made a couple of first downs in order to get Velez close enough to kick another field goal, updating the score to be 13-14. The Cowboys got the ball back only to fumble and for it to be recovered by a Wolf (Cole Frederick). Jackson Stambaugh (WR) made a first down, and Johnston (QB) set up Jabrayden King-Woods for the touchdown. Velez made the extra point again, finalizing the score as 20-14.


The second half is where most of the action happened. Things started off in the third quarter with the Cowboys scoring a first down. In the next play, Coppell threw an interception right into the hands of Wolf Tyler Harrell (DB/WR). Dermot White (RB/DB) made a first down, then a sack from the Cowboys. The Wolves held them back as Josiah Shelley (DT) made most of the tackles. The Cowboys got close enough to score a field goal, cutting the score to 20-17.  


After leading for the majority of the game, the Wolves lost their lead late in the fourth quarter. The quarter began with a sack from Coppell and a missed field goal attempt by the Wolves. After the Cowboys regained possession, they powered through and scored a touchdown along with the extra point. The score became 20-24 as the end of the game neared. A few plays after Plano West regained possession, Johnson threw an interception and the Cowboys scored yet another touchdown and extra point. The final score was 20-31 Cowboys.


Dermot White(RB/DB) was asked how he felt about the energy within his team and his response is one for the books.


“There’s definitely been a lot of good energy through the team,” White said. “We are all very determined to turn the program around, and Coach Soukup has been doing a great job leading it. This team has some of the best teamwork I have ever seen before which helps bring that energy. We all want to defy what everyone thinks about the West Football program and I think that we’re doing a great job. We bring that energy to every game and give all of our efforts.”


 Although the Wolves lost, their 3-2 record at the time still stands as the best it has been in several years. Many players on the team agree that the main contributors to this new-found success are the Coach, new players, and a new mindset. QB Charlie Johnson is one who believes so.


“I would say the biggest difference between this year and last year is just the culture and mindset,” Charlie Johnson said. “I believe the coaches have instilled the team with a new culture of consistency and coming to work hard with energy and effort day in and day out. By doing that and truly trusted the process it started to sink in and the team started to believe in each other. As far as how we are winning several games, I would say that when the players see results we become more motivated to keep producing those results and overall more motivated to have the feeling of winning.”