Swimming Team Makes a Splash

Reo Lee, Staff Writer

The faint smell of chlorine, rhythmic splashing and the constant ripples across the water signifies one thing: swimming season is here for the Wolfpack to sit back and watch the action. Led under the direction of Coach Allison Looney, the annual swim season started off smoothly with the first home meet at the Tom Muehlenbeck Recreation Center on Oct.1.

“This is my second season with Plano West Swim,” Looney said. “I have a lot of hard workers and it definitely shows in the results they have posted this season so far.”

Looney works together with the team to refine techniques and sharpen form, training her athletes to look and move flawlessly. 

“A typical day of practice looks like some stroke refinement and aerobic conditioning as we are still on the earlier side of our season,” Looney said. “Training for the West swimmers definitely has harder days, but I do believe in giving the swimmer’s bodies a break from the grind as well.”

While providing a safe space to train and build up a healthy body, Looney also makes sure of giving each of her swimmers a full experience during weekly meets. 

“I try and make the kids take a different view point on the events they swim to get them out of their comfort zone and not always swimming the same events every meet,” Looney said.

Looney is not the only one working to become the best as her swimmers also take a stance alongside her with the rigorous workouts.

“I practice for an hour and a half,” senior Lillian Le said. “If there is a meet coming up I will not eat sugary foods or fast foods for a week prior.”

The plentiful practices are a great time investment, but the members of the team know that in order to reach their big goals for the year, the price to pay now is worth it.

“My goal for this year is for my relay team to make State,” Le said. “The goal for the team is to have more fun events every month.”

Le works throughout the week with her personal training strategies, similar to others on the team who are working to meet individual goals at the end of this year. 

“I try to swim to the best of my physical abilities and personal training consists of going to the gym on weekends,” Kai Joshi said. “My goals for this year are to do better, improve and have 58 seconds for a hundred meter backstroke.” 

The other members of the team can also say with confidence that although practice is tough, it is a fulfilling experience to swim alongside friends and friendly rivals while all working towards the same goal.

“This year’s team atmosphere is a lot more goofy than last year,” Joshi said. “The new people on the team definitely mess around more during practice and meets.”