Wrestling Team Fights Through Another Season


Isabelle Yuen, Staff Writer

On the mat, they are individuals competing to win, but off the mat they become one team ready to cheer each other on when times get tough. The wrestling team for the 2019 school year is more than just a group of athletes competing to win.

“We are just really close guys,” junior Amir Momen said. “Even though it is an individual sport, we come together in the morning and practice as a team. I have been wrestling for two years and it has been the greatest years of my life. I was a shy kid, but all these guys helped me come out of my bubble.”

The team is made up of unique players, all with different skill levels and backgrounds.

“I have been wrestling for a year and a half,” senior Ashley Lekas said. “I joined wrestling to have a challenge to do something that would challenge me mentally and physically.”

The team not only teaches the players how to compete, but also valuable life skills that they have taken away from the sport. The players then implement these skills in their everyday lives.

“I learned how to be more present when learning new things and not freezing up when challenges occur,” Lekas said. “It is a good sport to challenge you; it also gives you confidence because it is a combat sport. The work you put in is reflected on the mat.”

The players not only value the support system they receive from their teammates, but also their coach, Clay Goodloe.

“Coach Goodloe is inspirational and always wants to help out the team by doing whatever he can do,” junior Cade Morgan said. “You learn to work hard for things in wrestling.”

Wrestling to them is more than just a sport. They emphasize the importance of a strong team bond that eventually becomes a second family to them.

“They are like a weird family to me,” junior Timothy Cash said. “I spend all my time with them. We are a bunch of weird guys that connect pretty well even though we get on each other’s nerves all the time.”

To the players, joining the team transformed their lives in other aspects besides sports.

“Wrestling kind of made me ease out my life and be kinder to people and respect them more,” Momen said. “If you want to be in better shape and you are sick of how you are right now and your abilities, you can change that by joining wrestling.”

The team is constantly growing with students joining from different experience levels. Some have wrestled since they were children, and others may have just started.

“The program is growing and new people are joining all the time so you can meet some great friends,” Cash said. “Wrestling will get you in the best shape of your life and just going in the mat room and learning to drill can help you as a person.”

Each person on the team has an individual goal that they want to reach by the end of this season.

“My goal for this year is to make State and become a national champion,” Lekas said.

The players also have long term aspirations for the future, rather than a single goal for one season.

“I would love to wrestle in college because it would be something fun to do while I am there,” Morgan said.

Although the goals may be different for each individual, the team has one target as a whole.

“Our team is going to place at State most likely,” junior Jacob Aragon said.