We Dem Boyz: A Glance at the Dallas Cowboys’ 2018 Season

Avery Klatsky, Senior Editor

With a new season of NFL football underway, it’s hard for Dallas Cowboy fans to not get excited about a new year with a new chance to win yet another Lombardi Trophy. With five in their back pocket already (1971, 1977, 1992, 1993, and 1995), America’s Team is ready for a chance at redemption after a tough 2017 outing. Here is a look at their results from the past five seasons.

2017 Season

  • Record: 9-7
  • Result: Second in the NFC East, missed playoffs

2016 Season

  • Record: 13-3
  • Result: First in the NFC East, lost in the division playoffs to the Green Bay Packers 34-31
  • Awards: QB Dak Prescott names the Offensive Rookie of the Year, Head Coach Jason Garrett named Coach of the Year

2015 Season

  • Record: 4-12
  • Result: Last place in the NFC East, missed playoffs

2014 Season

  • Record: 12-4
  • Result: First in the NFC East, won the Wild Card Playoffs against the Detroit Lions 24-20, lost the Divisional Playoffs to the Green Bay Packers 26-21
  • Awards: RB Demarco Murray named Offensive Player of the Year

2013 Season

  • Record: 8-8
  • Result: 2nd place in the NFC East, missed playoffs

Led by QB Dak Prescott, RB Ezekiel “Zeke” Elliott, and head coach Jason Garrett, it looks like the Cowboys have another great shot at making the postseason this year. The Cowboys did suffer a heavy loss by releasing pro-bowl wideout Dez Bryant, who is still a free agent and yet to sign with another team. With that said, here is a brief look at the Cowboy’s regular-season matchups in 2018.

(Note: All times are according to the Eastern time zone)

Week 4 – Dallas Cowboys vs. Detroit Lions on Sep. 30 at 1:00 PM

Week 5 – Dallas Cowboys @ Houston Texans on Oct. 7 at 8:20 PM

Week 6 – Dallas Cowboys vs. Jacksonville Jaguars on Oct. 14 at 4:25 PM

Week 7 – Dallas Cowboys @ Washington Redskins on Oct. 21 at 4:25 PM

Week 8 – Bye Week

Week 9 – Dallas Cowboys vs. Tennessee Titans on Nov. 5 at 8:15 PM

Week 10 – Dallas Cowboys @ Philadelphia Eagles on Nov. 11 at 8:20 PM

Week 11 – Dallas Cowboys @ Atlanta Falcons on Nov. 18 at 1:00 PM

Week 12 – Dallas Cowboys vs. Washington Redskins on Nov. 22 at 4:30 PM

Week 13 – Dallas Cowboys vs. New Orleans Saints on Nov. 29 at 8:20 PM

Week 14 – Dallas Cowboys vs. Philadelphia Eagles on Dec. 9 at 4:25 PM

Week 15 – Dallas Cowboys @ Indianapolis Colts on Dec. 16 at 1:00 PM

Week 16 – Dallas Cowboys vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers on Dec. 23 at 1:00 PM

Week 17 – Dallas Cowboys @ New York Giants on Dec. 30 at 1:00 PM

The Cowboys also lost tight end Jason Witten (retirement) and cut superstar kicker Dan Bailey, who was the second most accurate kicker in the NFL behind the Baltimore Ravens’ kicker Justin Tucker.

If the Dallas Cowboys want to prove that they really are America’s Team, winning a Lombardi Trophy this year is a great way to do it.