Jackson Jeffcoat Chooses Texas

Staff Photo

Lindsey Cherner, Editor-in-Chief

The eyes of West and the rest of the nation were upon the highest ranked defensive end recruit, Jackson Jeffcoat, at 10:00 a.m. C.S.T. in the Plano West Senior High School gymnasium as he moved up the announcement of his college decision. He had narrowed it down to his top three, The University of Houston, The University of Oklahoma and The University of Texas at Austin as hundreds of students ran for the gym to hear which school Jeffcoat had chosen.

After thanking The University of Houston, particularly for his dad’s support, and thanking The University of Oklahoma, where his twin sister Jacqueline Jeffcoat committed to earlier for basketball, cheers erupted as Jeffcoat put on The University of Texas hat and showed his hook’em horns.

“I felt most comfortable at Texas,” Jeffcoat said. “It’s just the perfect school for me.”

Jeffcoat feels ready for the high expectations Head Coach Mack Brown has for him and is happy with his choice.

“I know I’m expected to come in and work hard,” Jeffcoat said. “I want to win a national championship. I know I’ll be getting some playing time and I was happy with the way Coach Brown explained my role to me.”

Even more interesting will be the school rivalry the twins will be facing now that they are at schools that have one of the fiercest rivalries in the nation.

“We’ll always be there for each other,” Jeffcoat said. “We aren’t rivals. We’ll always love each other.”

Although the decision was a tough choice for Jeffcoat, he knew he couldn’t go wrong.

“My parents told me wherever you go it’s the right choice because you chose it,” Jeffcoat said.