Why You Should Join Publications


“Everyone has a story to tell.”

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The Publications program, composed of the Imprints Yearbook and Blueprints Newspaper, has been a central hub for school news since its opening in 1990. 

Recruitment for these programs is in full swing as the 2022–2023 school year comes to a close, and there are many reasons to join:

  • Networking experience

One of the most important tools of a successful career is the ability to network. In both the Yearbook and Newspaper classes, networking is crucial. By spending the year conducting interviews and communicating with the other staff members, you get great networking opportunities in both the Publications programs.

  • Yearbook: Design

Being on the Yearbook staff allows you to get firsthand experience with design programs such as Adobe InDesign and Photoshop. The entire Yearbook starts as nothing more than a blank page, and it’s up to the staffers to use their creativity to make it come to life.

“I love getting to design the pages,” Cassidy Brown, senior, said, “It’s so cool to take a blank screen and turn it into a page I love. Adding graphics, colors, picking really good pictures, and writing the story. I can’t wait to open the book and flip through the pages I wrote and designed, and to show my parents, and later, my own kids, the memories I documented from my senior year. You have an experienced teacher to help you learn how to better interview and write about real life. I’m going to college for Journalism so being in Yearbook has ensured that I’ll have a lot of experience and knowledge about writing and reporting styles.”

  • Newspaper: News Writing

Current events and political affairs come up frequently in conversations in the Newsroom, and being on the Newspaper Staff ensures the chance to talk about these issues and write about the topics you feel passionate about. Newspaper allows you to venture outside the school news world, and dabble in news writing, lifestyle writing, editorial writing, feature writing, and more!

Katie Chou, junior and staff writer for the Blueprints Newspaper, participates in local and national activism outside of the newsroom, seeking Newspaper as an outlet to write about issues she cares deeply for.

“I’m involved in Politics for Teens, which is hosting workshops and discussion forums, to try to raise political awareness in teenagers,” Chou said, “And I’m also really involved in March for Our Lives Dallas.”

  • Leadership position opportunities

Izma Khurram, senior and Editor in Chief of the Imprints Yearbook, joined in middle school because of her passion for photography. As she continued through high school she delved into the design elements and enjoyed getting to capture memories for years to come. 

“My tasks as Editor in Chief was coming up with theme design like the cover, colors, theme words, and design elements. I was also in charge of designing the divider pages. I think you definitely need some creativity whether it be for writing stories or designing pages. I would recommend joining Yearbook!”

Hadia Khatri, senior and Editor in Chief of the Blueprints Newspaper, was interested in investigative journalism, and wanted to join a class that would help her develop connections and publish pieces in the field.

“As Co-Editor in Chief with Alyssa, we edit and publish stories to keep our Newspaper website and social media running with the most current Plano West news,” Khatri said, “Personally, I love working with our amazing staff and teaching them editing skills and watching them grow into amazing writers!”

  • Time management skills

Another important tool that you can take with you from both Publications programs is learning how to manage your time efficiently.

“Newspaper disciplines me into getting my work done on time,” Wilmal Stewart, senior and staff writer said, “We typically get our prompts for our stories and a deadline when we need to turn them in, and it’s our responsibility within that time to complete it.”

  • Impact

If you want to ensure a club important to you is getting coverage by the Publications staff, what better way than to participate on the staff? Being such a large school, it is a daunting task attempting to cover every single club, event, and organization, and being on their staff ensures your voice will be heard, more diverse coverage across the board, as well as knowing your club or organization will be covered in the Yearbook at the end of the year.

“I expected Newspaper to help me in terms of writing and writing only,” Chou said, “But the biggest thing it helped me develop was the narrative. Everyone has a story to tell, and doing multiple stories in the community, whether it’s about thrifting through generations, care packages, or student initiatives, helped me develop my own narrative as well, and really got to know that these clubs mean beyond just the club, but who they are as people.”