Preparing for Prom


Prom season is gearing up for seniors as deadlines approach for booking dinner reservations, purchasing formal wear, and planning photo spots for the April 15 event. Preparing early for the date is essential to make the night special and seamless. To help, here are some tips and recommendations for all things prom planning curated by the students.

Formal Attire:

This year’s prom theme is Enchanted, inspired by whimsical forests and magical settings. While there is no strict dress code, formal attire is encouraged, so finding dresses and suits is an important first step.

For dresses: Terry Costa, Dillards, Nordstrom, Macy’s, and WhatchamaCallit

“It took me a long time to find a dress that was perfect for me,” Ella Shapiro, senior, said. “Nordstrom had some really great options, and that’s where I found mine.”

For suits: Men’s Wearhouse, Macy’s, and Nordstrom

Dinner Reservations:

Finding dinner spots, especially for large groups, can take a while to accommodate. Restaurants get booked up quickly in the busy season, especially ones close to the Event Center, so researching places outside your city is necessary on a tight schedule.

“This year, my group decided to eat near the Highland Park/Dallas area at Sixty Vines,” Stella Vesselinov, senior, said. “We’re also taking photos in that area, so it made sense for us to book our dinner further from Plano.”

If staying close to home makes sense for you and your group: Davios, The Capital Grille, and Del Frisco’s are options to consider, while Brio and Sixty Vines (Dallas) are options further from the area.

“The earlier you call, the easier booking will be,” Vesselinov said. “Spring is prom season, so restaurants are likely to be low on reservations.”

Photo Spots:

Photos are a critical component of Prom day, requiring prior planning and efficiency. Driving to scenic spots like Lakeside, Highland Park, Turtle Creek, and Clyde Warren Park is popular. All are open to the public free of charge. 

“Lakeside is a great local option if you’re looking to stay nearby,” Izzy Nielson, senior, said. “Last year, my group and I drove up to the Allen area and took photos there to avoid the crowds, and it was beautiful.”


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