Syncopation Sings Their Way to Semis


Syncopation, the school’s mixed a cappella group, took first place at ICHSA (International Competition of High School A Cappella) Southwest Region’s Quarter Finals on February 4th, earning them a spot in the Semifinal showdown that will take place on March 11th at Marcus High School.

Syncopation consists of 19 students that perform at various concerts, conventions, and competitions. Because they sing a cappella, there are no instruments, only voices.

“Our journey to quarterfinals started last summer with a boot camp where we learned the basics of a cappella and our first pieces of music,” Kyra Zrno, Synco member, said. “As the school year started, we began preparing our set by cleaning the songs, tightening up the harmonies, and adding cool dynamics. Then we started learning movement, choreographed by Samantha Pocsik, Syncopation member, and me [Zrno]. Finally, we work on tweaking choreo, clarifying vocals, and practicing over and over.”

Samantha Pocsik, senior, worked alongside Zrno to craft the perfect choreography combining singing and movement to add a theatrical element to the performance.

“We had a blast [choreographing],” Pocsik said. “It was so fun to be able to bring the music to life visually and add another layer of depth to the set.”

On the day of ICHSA, Synco members gathered at Rockwall PAC to perform against seven different schools across North Texas, ultimately scoring first place.

“When we got 1st at the quarter finals we weren’t expecting it and were just super excited,”  Pocsik said. “If we make it past the semis then we have finals in NYC.”

Also honored at ICHSA was Anthony Yeh, student director, for his outstanding solo performance in the group’s cover of “New” by Ben Platt.

“Receiving the award was fulfilling after the many months of practice I put into overcoming the difficulty of the song,” Yeh said. “There were nights where I walked around the house in circles repeating riffs over and over again to achieve even a small percentage of what Ben Platt delivers in the original song.”

Syncopation was formed the year the school opened, 1999, as a public relations organization linked to choir. Mrs. Sarah Council directed Syncopation from 2013-2021, then passed the torch to current director, Mr. Micah Krajca.

“Some of my best high school memories were with my show choir in high school,” said Mr. Krajca. “Our group at Plano West looks quite different in comparison to what I experienced in high school, but the community it provides is the same.”

The community element is crucial to make the performance as natural as possible, according to Samhita Venkat, Synco member. Venkat discovered Syncopation in 6th grade after their lively performance of “Valerie”. Upon hearing this song she knew she wanted to be a part of the group.

“My favorite part [about Synco] is the bond that we have built and the connection that we all feel together from the moment we step on the stage to the moment we step off,” Venkat said.

After their smashing success at quarter finals, Synco is in full swing preparing for the semifinal performance.

“We’re taking the win with humble hearts,” Zrno said. “We know that we have to work twice as hard to go up against the amazing groups that will be competing at semifinals, but we’re very excited to give it our all.”

Syncopation encourages students to come out to see their Semis performance at 7pm or March 11, at Marcus High School. Tickets can be purchased here:

“We are so excited for Semis,” Reese Johnson, Synco member, said. “Come support us at Marcus on March 11!”