Standardized Testing Opportunities in The Spring Semester


The spring semester includes an extensive calendar of standardized testing options for Plano West students to attend. Understanding the deadlines to apply for each test is important to maximize your academic resources before college admissions.

The SAT is a three hour long test consisting of three separate testing sections: Reading, Writing, and Math. The Math section is split into calculator and non-calculator subsections, and an optional exam essay is available for an additional 50 minutes.

“[I think the SAT is important to take once] especially since the school offers a free opportunity your junior year,” Katherine Han, senior, said. “You can always decide not to send it when applying to schools, and it teaches you skills that are useful for English multiple choice tests.”

College admissions recently switched to test optional, meaning scores are no longer required and can only help your chances. Future SAT dates available in the area are March 11, May 6, and June 3. Registration can be accessed at

“Having good test scores will only help strengthen your application,” Stella Vesselinov, senior, said. “If you’re not a good test taker though, it definitely doesn’t define your abilities so not submitting scores is a safe path too.”

An alternate option to testing is the ACT, a three hour long test consisting of four sections: Reading, Writing, Science, and Math. The science section is an additional reading based exam, with scientific writing and data as reference for the questions. An additional exam essay is also available.

“I took the ACT twice along with the SAT and thought the questions paced a little faster,” Vesselinov said. “It definitely is suited for people who score better on English and Writing tests.”

Upcoming ACT dates are April 15, June 3, and July 15. Registration can be accessed at

Another College Board opportunity to consider before applications are Advanced Placement classes (AP), optional courses available to students for early college credits. To receive the credit, an end of course exam is required with a grading system 1-5. A 3 is considered passing, but most schools require a 4 to transfer the credit. 

“I’ve taken close to 10 AP tests and I would recommend them because it’s really a review of all the things you’ve already learned in a class,” Amit Konda, senior, said. “It can help you save a lot of time in college as well.”

The deadline for full year course exams passed in late fall, but spring semester courses are still available to purchase by March 15 at

“I’m preparing for the exams I’m signed up for by just being attentive in class, so I learn the material thoroughly the first time around,” Konda said. “That way when I take the exams I’ll be confident I know the material already.”