Model UN Prepares For First Major 2023 Conference


Plano West Model UN Club is preparing to host one of the biggest Model United Nations conferences in DFW at the end of January. With less than 3 weeks until this two-day conference, club officers take on myriad responsibilities to provide the best Model UN experience for student delegates and stimulate their passion for studying international relations.

Model UN mimics the United Nations council and allows student delegates to represent a variety of nations in UN committees that discuss international social, cultural, financial, and security topics. “Model UN has a wide intersectionality to it. Obviously it benefits students to understand current political issues the world is dealing with,” says Kashyap, founder of Plano ,West MUN Club. “But it is soft skills like public speaking, adapting perspectives, collaboration, and critical thinking that makes MUN truly invaluable.” 

Medhansh Kashyap is the chief planner of this upcoming competition and he explains some of the exciting expectations for Plano West. 

“This is the first time for Plano West to host a conference. It has been a challenging process, to say the least,” expressed Kashyap. “However, Plano West is a great hosting location.  We have been able to register 120 delegates across the DFW region and are expecting the number to reach 150 by the end of the registration deadline.” 

To ensure a successful event, officers aim to create the most inclusive experience for delegates across all skill levels. 

“To make sure every student is challenged, MUN has divided committees into Novice and Intermediate/Advanced,” said Kayshap. “We also have curtailed specific guidance for first-timers because our end goal is to make this opportunity welcome to everyone interested in MUN.” 

Moreover, both MUN officers and the conference work staff are selecting debate topics and crisis scenarios that are interesting for students. 

“I love topics about the refugee crisis and water pollution; things I witness from grassroots levels and brought on to an international stage. It’s so present around the world but we [as citizens] don’t see the insides of how they fix these problems,” says Manha Haque, senior. “MUN allows me to have an insider perspective and understand how these problems get alleviated. That is the best part of MUN, having perspective.”

Although many look forward to the physical aspects of competition, Plano West students feel that the diverse group of participants is what adds the cherry on top. 

“This is one of the few conferences that host middle school students. The thought of being able to be a mentor is so honorable,” said Haque. “Also delegates from all over Texas are coming, Seeing such a diverse group coming together is the essential mission of MUN”

The conference is entirely open to anyone who wishes to participate, additionally with a 25 dollar fee covering catered lunch. “With this fund, MUN would like to sponsor more Plano West students to bigger, state-level events. Our end goal is to make MUN more accessible to our peers and extend the passion for international relations.” 

If interested in joining Plano West MUN or participating in this upcoming conference, more information can be found on or text @pwmun23 to 81010 via Remind.