Preparing for Puffs


The highly anticipated Plano West Theatre winter play comes to the stage late January. Performing the Harry Potter spinoff “Puffs,” the cast and crew has worked nonstop since November to make this one for the books. From working on humor and expressions to performing on a two-story set for the first time, a lot of long hours and rehearsals are needed to make every aspect of the play shine. 

Kara Smith, a senior playing Blondo Malfoy, explains her experience as a cast member. “There are rehearsals after school everyday plus a couple weekends. We even come in to rehearse on our extra Monday’s off. Each day the show gets better and better. There’s not a day where we don’t learn or discover something new about the show or our characters. It’s a wonderful process,” Smith said.

“Puffs” highlights a part of the Harry Potter series, the Hufflepuff house. The Puffs in the play are teenage characters who are a part of the “forgotten house.” They’re the underdogs in the regular Potter world, but in this play they’re the main characters. The Puffs are strong, courageous, and go on magical journeys to find the true meaning of being a Puff. 

“Though the play is a comedy on the surface level, it really promotes a theme of self-acceptance. Throughout the show, the Puffs learn that there’s nothing wrong with being the underdog, and that being true to yourself is more important than trying to fit in, or be viewed as acceptable by others,” Kyra Zrno, a senior who plays Mr. Voldy, said. 

Not only is the cast working tirelessly, but the tech crew has spent hours and weeks building a set that the audience has never seen before. With an elaborate set comes struggles with adapting to the layout and strolling the stage effortlessly.

“We rehearse in the classroom a lot of days, a space that is a vastly different size than the stage. And our tech crew is so wonderful and so talented and built us a beautiful two story set. It’s insanely impressive. So the transition from our tight classroom, to a large dynamic set on stage is something it takes a couple days to get used to. The set helps to elevate the actor’s presence and the transition into making the most of it requires a new discovery everyday,” Smith said.

“Puffs” highlights love, laughter, friendship, self discovery, and so much more, leaving the audience with a wide range of emotions and lasting thoughts. 

“Everyone should come see the show, from potterheads to people who’ve never even seen the movies. It’s a magical experience for all, regardless of your wizard knowledge!” Zrno said.

Come see the show January 19, 20, and 22nd in the Plano West Auditorium at 7pm. 

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