Tackling Midterms: Tips to Prepare and Stay Organized During Exam Season


As the 2022 Fall semester comes to a close, students are scrambling to relearn course curriculum in preparation for midterms, and without structure, this can feel incredibly overwhelming.

Luckily, there are resources readily available that you could utilize to maximize proficiency whilst prioritizing mental health, which plays a major role in performing on exams.

#1. Plan ahead.

  • Make a schedule of all your exams (which exam is on Tuesday… Wednesday… etc., and compile a sample plan for which exams you want to study and when. Prioritize the exams you take on Tuesday and save your Friday exam studying for later on.)

#2. Gather all the materials you used during the semester. Whether it be packets, textbooks, or google doc notes, find and organize your curriculum in an order that makes sense to you.

#3. Find an area where you study best, such as a local cafe or a library. But find the place you feel most productive, as it enhances your retention and allows you to study better.

#4. Take breaks often! By stepping away from a computer or textbook to refresh your brain, productivity is maintained and even increased.

#5. Come in for tutorials or form study groups with friends. While it is important to study alone to understand the material, talking to others about it will increase productivity and allow you to test your knowledge on the subject.

With these 5 tricks, tackling the midterms can feel a little less heavy and a little more doable.