Q&A With The Host of AV Pack Pod


AV Pack Pod Host, Kylan Harlan poses for a thumbnail picture.

New to West this year is the “AV Pack Pod”, an Audio/Visual student-run podcast, hosted by Kylan Harlan, senior, which serves as a way for filmmakers in the Advanced AV Productions class to digest all the latest movies, as well as share opinions on camera techniques, editing, and everything in between.

Q: How was the AV Pack Pod created?

A: The Av Pack Pod was formed originally after seeing the new equipment [at West]. I had the idea that we should start a podcast because at the time I had just started my own personal [one] and I thought it would be cool to do with everyone.

Q: What topics, specifically, are covered on the AV Pack Pod?

A: Movie reviews, animation, behind-the-scenes work, and the other parts of film that don’t get talked about.

Behind the scenes look at the making of AV Pack Pod

Q: The AV Pack Pod is produced in a way that it contains video and audio elements, (by streaming on both Youtube and Spotify),  What is the filming and editing process like?

A: So the filming process is a team effort all around. We have the whole class basically helping from lights to camera work and audio. It takes a lot of hands to make this magic. The editing is a major pain but also it’s a great learning experience for me because I have learned quite a bit on multifamily work and match audio. It’s a lot of work but when it’s done it’s worth it.

Q: How was the name of the podcast selected?

A: Coming up with the name was pretty simple actually. After trying to incorporate the school and AV class, Mrs. Mateo and I asked the rest of the class to give us names, and I think it was either Blake or Anisa that yelled out AV Pack Pod as a joke, but then we liked it and as they say, the rest is history.

AV Pack Pod cover art.

Q: What platform(s) can one stream the AV Pack Pod on?

A: You can watch and listen to AV Pack Pod on YouTube: “Pwsh Avp” and on Spotify as of now. We will expand to other podcast platforms soon though.

Anisa Rafraf, senior, was featured as a guest on the first episode of AV Pack Pod.

“From a guest perspective, it is really fun doing this as a class. We all get closer as friends and classmates because we all get to collaborate and see where everyone shines. The Pack Pod is genuinely interesting because we talk about movies and the production of movies. Overall it’s an amazing experience and I really encourage people to listen to it if interested,” said Rafraf.

The link to the first episode of AV Pack Pod: “Originals vs. Sequels” can be found here:

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