Ms. Suzanne Shelton joins Art department


Returning to West this year is Ms. Suzanne Shelton, instructor of Visual Art, Art 1 & 2 Sculpture, Art 1 2D, and 3D AP. 

Ms. Shelton obtained a BFA in Sculpture and ceramics, after years of education at colleges such as UT Austin, The University of Metz, France, UT Tyler, and the University of Dallas. 

“I come from a family of teachers. My mom was a college professor and my extended family were teachers as well,” Ms. Shelton said, “All my studies led me to teaching. I am an artist and I wanted to pass that on to the future through teaching.”

This year, Mrs. Shelton began her 25th year of teaching. She taught at West for 11 years in the past, helping to start the 3D AP Program.

“Watching students discover that they are good at art making, being with students, getting to know students and here at Plano West, being with my colleague family – Mr. Kincaid, Mr. Darracott and Mr. Frye. They are some of my best friends,” Ms. Shelton said.

Outside of the classroom, Ms. Shelton spends her time with her two sons, making art, cooking, being at the beach, and visiting art museums. 

“My art was featured on HGTV back in the day,” Ms. Shelton said.