Mr. Reggie Chapman joins Fine Arts department


New to the Fine Arts Department this school year is Mr. Reggie Chapman, Professional Communications and Oral Interpretation of Literature teacher.

Although this is Mr. Chapman’s fourth year of teaching, he’s had experience coaching speech and debate for 12 years, which sparked his interest to pursue a classroom setting.

“I am very passionate about seeing students succeed,” Mr. Chapman said,  “Communication is the most important skill to have as a professional, which is why I chose to teach this subject specifically.”

Fine arts has played a big role in Mr. Chapman’s life; he has been singing since he was little. Outside of school, he finds himself continuing these practices for enjoyment.“I love to perform and watch tv shows and movies,” Mr. Chapman said, “Art shows, music concerts and theatrical performances are also things that I love to attend.”

Mr. Chapman emphasized his love for teaching through the role he plays in the upbringing of the future generation.

“Watching students realize that what they’ve been searching for has always been within is why I love to teach. Students are the next generation of leaders and thinkers so allowing them an opportunity to discover that in an educational setting is vital to our future,” Mr. Chapman said.