QuizBowl Buzzes Into New School Year

QuizBowl Buzzes Into New School Year

Avni Vallab, Writer

Plano West Quiz Bowl starts the year off strong inviting students back to compete with a variety of topics with a fun community. 

It is conducted through a series of questions asked by a moderator, with individual competitors buzzing in when they know the answers.

“Quiz Bowl is an academic team-based competition involving teams to answer trivia-like questions,” said Anirudh Prasanna, 11th, Vice President of Quiz Bowl.

Prasanna explained that the competition’s categories vary in topics covering everything from science to history and popular culture. One of the critical points of Quiz Bowl is the competitions members participate in. 

“We [quiz bowl members] compete in the district tournament and city championships every year,…along with nationals around May,” said Prasanna 

Quizbowl’s competition season lasts from September to December, with a variety of students competing. 

“Everyone is welcome to join…People with an interest in learning new things and a competitive sprint would enjoy this club a lot,” said Prasanna 

Quiz Bowl is engineered to be an inclusive environment for all students to feel welcome. In meetings, students are grouped by their specific topic specialty. 

“We run rounds with a wide array of questions to serve as practice. Our meetings cater to people of all skill levels, so no one feels left out,” said Prasanna. 

Quiz Bowl meetings are every Monday and Friday after school from 4:20 to 5:30 in the cafeteria. Students can learn more @planowestqb on Instagram and earn NHS hours by participating!