Snowflake Bazaar Turns Out To Be ‘Most Successful’ Band Fundraiser


George Chen

The band hosted the Snowflake Bazaar, their annual fundraising event, in the cafeteria on Saturday, from 10 am to 5 pm, and Sunday, from 12 pm to 5 pm. 

The Snowflake Bazaar is an event where local businesses sell their products, with refreshments in the cafe and entertainment provided by the band in the courtyard. A diverse range of products are offered, such as food, jewelry, decorations, etc.

Amy Matz, the chair of the Snowflake Bazaar, states: “There is food! Lots of food! ‘Kessler Baking Studio’, ‘The Cookie Crave’, ‘The Amazing Dip Co’, ‘Nikki’s Popcorn’, etc. Students might like ‘Furry Feline Creatives’”, who have: “original, well designed, humorous apparel, toys, bags, accessories and more.” 

Those interested in buying for family may find the jewelry and clothing booths, as well as shops like “The Shave Shoppe” and “Usbourne Books” useful. 

Jackie Digby, the head director of the bands, states that it is their largest and oldest fundraiser and “our most successful one”. Matz said: “The funds raised allow the band to purchase new equipment, music, and supplies, as well as hire clinicians.

Preparations for such a large event start nine months in advance. The process includes selecting chairs in charge of the various aspects of the event, as well as securing a variety of vendors. Over 100 vendors were expected for this year’s fund-raiser.

“Getting all the volunteers and setting up a profitable cafe are also a large part of making the Snowflake successful.” said Matz.

Social media has played a major role in promoting the event. A survey of the event in 2019 showed that 70 percent of customers found out about the event via social media.

On both their Instagram and Facebook they got a large amount of community engagement, as well as dozens of vendor inquiries per day. Digby said: “We are pleasantly surprised at the high amount of vendor interest.”

The Bazaar had 3500 customers, with 82.5 percent of vendors reporting sales that exceeded their expectations for the event. After the end of the event,  over 90 percent of vendors indicated that they planned to return to the Snowflake Bazaar in 2022.

Due to COVID-19, the Snowflake Bazaar was cancelled last year, but people were excited to finally shop for the holidays while supporting their local band.